August 2019

1st DEANERY OF WEST DERBY - AD: Emma Williams, AAD Simon Fisher, LC Pamela Ambrose
2nd Clubmoor St Andrew SMT, V: James Green, OLM: Susan Jamieson, Re: Amanda Bushnell, Blair Bushnell
3rd Croxteth St Paul the Apostle
Liverpool Norris Green St Christopher NSM: Barbara Smith, AS: Tim Griffiths
4th The Seventh Sunday After Trinity
Liverpool Norris Green Christ Church V: Helen Edwards, AS: Tom Langdon-Smith
5th Stanley St Anne and Stoneycroft St Paul V: Emma Williams, AS: Gary Hughes, Re: Russ Greenacre, Victoria Allen, St Anne Stanley CE Primary School
6th Transfiguration of our Lord
- Liverpool Stoneycroft All Saints V: Howard Leatherbarrow, NSM: Daniel Jeyaraj, Sally Mason, Re: Jackie Davies, Catriona Richardson
- Tuebrook St John V: Simon Fisher
7th St Mary and St James West Derby R: Stephen Boyd
- West Derby St Mary HCt: Jenny Bowen, Re: Tracie Dunsby, Liz Shields, Jane Ward, Kathryn Yates, St Mary's CE Primary School
- West Derby St James Re: Ritchie Harley
8th - Croxteth Park St Cuthbert SMT, V: Laura Leatherbarrow, Emmaus CE/RC Primary School
- West Derby The Good Shepherd SMT OLM: Sandra Trapnell, Re: Ann Handslip, John Tracey
9th Dovecot Holy Spirit PiC: Re: Bruce Pennie
10th Knotty Ash St John V: Julia Jesson, Re: Marion Hawley, Irene Tuzio, Knotty Ash Primary School
11th The Eighth Sunday After Trinity
DEANERY OF LIVERPOOL NORTH - AD: Phil Saltmarsh, LC: Sir Mark Hedley
12th Anfield St Margaret V: Peter Winn, NSM: Jean Winn, St Margaret's Anfield CE Primary School
13th Everton St George V: Adam Maynard, Re: Ann Evans, Terence Till, The Beacon CE Primary School
14th Everton St Peter with St John Chrysostom R: Henry Corbett
- Everton St John Chrysostom Re: Beryl Ford, Dave Lawton, Sue Taylor
- Everton St Peter SMT, Faith RC/CE Primary School
15th The Blessed Virgin Mary
Kirkdale St Athanasius with St Mary
16th Kirkdale St Lawrence & St Paul SMT, V: Mike Griffin, LLM: Marjorie Griffin, Re: Ceri Flynn, Gillian Hoy, Kirkdale St Lawrence CE Primary School
17th Liverpool Our Lady & St Nicholas R: Crispin Pailing, AS: Fergus Butler-Gallie, SSM: Bill Addy, Michelle Montrose
18th The Ninth Sunday After Trinity
Walton Breck Christ Church and Holy Trinity V: David Gavin, Re: Nicola Archer, Jackie Donlan, Eileen Harris
19th Liverpool All Saints V: Mike Coates, AV: Phil Saltmarsh, AS: Bob Kisa, NSM: Ian Cassidy, Anne Murrary, Re: Diana Jones, Michael Lynch, Liz Mooney, Pauline Tregilgas, Peter Tregilgas, Chris Turner
20th New Congregation Pardis -was set up to help Farsi-speaking Asylum Seekers to find God themselves, through listening to, reading and discussing the bible.
21st DEANERY OF TOXTETH & WAVERTREE - AD: Elaine Jones, AAD: June Asquith, LC: David Roughley
22nd St Luke in the City Team Ministry TR: Miranda Threlfall-Holmes, SSM: Sara Doyle, Gill Reeve, Re: Chris Bartley
23rd Toxteth Park Christ Church & St Michael in the Hamlet with St Andrew V: Keith Hitchman
24th Bartholomew the Apostle
Toxteth Park Christ Church Re: Annette James, Christopher Topping
- Toxteth Park St Michael in the Hamlet with St Andrew Re: John Pritchard
25th The Tenth Sunday After Trinity
- Toxteth Park St Agnes & St Pancras V: Derek Lloyd
- Toxteth St Margaret PiC: Bob Lewis, SSM: Juliet Stephenson
26th Dingle St Cleopas and St Gabriel V: Sian Gasson, Re: Dorothy Williams, St Cleopas CE Primary School
27th Toxteth St Philemon V: Brian Elfick Re: Colin Buckman, David Smetham, St Silas' CE Primary School
28th Wavertree Holy Trinity HCt: Leslie Bruce, Re: Jeanette Griffiths, Jan Wynne, Wavertree CE Primary School
29th - Wavertree St Bridget & St Thomas AP: Elaine Jones, AS: Rachael Garland
- Wavertree St Mary R: June Asquith, Re: Irene Pyle
30th St James in the City V: Jude Padfield, AS: Ed Downs, Re: Alwyn Kernaghan
31st Toxteth St Bede with St Clement V: Elaine Jones, AS: Tabitha Rao, Re: David Roughley, Paul Strickland

Cycle of Prayer

Diocesan Prayer

As we pursue our vision of a bigger church making a bigger difference more people knowing Jesus more justice in the world we have introduced a diocesan prayer. Please pray it and share it in churches across our diocese as we offer our sustained prayer to Jesus.

Loving Father,
by your grace we long to see
more people knowing Jesus,
and more justice in your world.
Help us to live as your disciples in the power of the Spirit and to work to your praise and glory.

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Deanery Prayers

Walton Deanery
Lord of all time, our Alpha and Omega,
guide us by the gift of your Spirit to be mindful of
our past heritage and of the saints who have laid
the foundations on which we continue to build.
Give us the courage to mould our lives to the
pattern of Jesus that we might address the needs
of this current time with his eternal truth,
and have a vision for the future which will hasten
the coming of His Kingdom.

West Derby Deanery
Lord God, you have made us for a purpose -
to worship you and make your name known in
our communities.
Inspire our worship and empower our mission
so that our lives may glorify you in all things.
We pray that you would help us
as we seek to be your ambassadors
so that others may come to know the full extent
of your love and grace.
In your holy name we pray.

Liverpool North Deanery
Loving God, we thank you for all who live,
work and worship in Liverpool North Deanery and
ask that together we would share resources and
skills, battle against justice and support
strong community engagement.
Help us to work together with other Christian
churches in living out and telling out the
wonderful good news of Christ.
We ask these things in the name of the
One who lived, died and rose again for us,
Jesus Christ our Lord.

Toxteth & Wavertree Deanery
Lord, we thank you for the parishes and churches
in this deanery.
We pray that guided by your Spirit we may be
united to grow in Christ and to serve our communities with love and grace.
Keep us fixed on you and your purposes,
today and forever.

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AD: Area Dean
AAD: Assistant Area Dean
AM: Associate Minister
AP: Associate Priest
AS: Assistant Staff (Curate)
AV: Associate Vicar
CA: Church Army
CGF: Church Growth Facilitator
CiC: Curate in Charge
CW: Community Worker
HCt: Honorary Curate
HfD: House for Duty Priest
HR: Human Resources
IM: Interim Minister
LA: Lay Assistant
LC: Lay Chair
LLM: Licensed Lay Minister
LML: Local Missional Leader
M: Minister
MiC: Minister in Charge
NSM: Non Stipendary Minister
OLM: Ordained Local Minister
PCt: Pioneer Curate
PE: Parish Evangelist
PiC: Priest in Charge
PM: Pioneer Minister
Re: Reader
SMT: Shared Ministry Team
SSM: Self Supporting Minister
St.LW: Stipendary Lay Worker
St.Re: Stipendary Reader
SW: Schools Worker
R: Rector
TR: Team Rector
TV: Team Vicar
V: Vicar
YW: Youth Worker