Curacy in our diocese

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Welcome to your ministry in the Diocese of Liverpool. Curacy in the diocese is exciting and innovative, and places on our programme are in high demand.

We want to support you in your first ministry
Your curacy is a time to reflect on ministry practice, to be part of the life of a parish and continue your ministerial formation. 

During you curacy you will receive plenty of support and guidance. We take your formation as a priest extremely seriously and prepare you fully for your current and future ministry. 

See here for a taste of the future of curacy in Liverpool  

To find out more, or have an informal conversation about curacy in Liverpool, call Suzanne Matthews on 0151 705 2120 or

To support your learning and development we also have an online learning gateway - Moodle - which gives you access to all your training resources. You can access this here.

This section is designed for you - to give you links to the information you need as a curate in our diocese. You can find more information on the Making it Easier section of this site. If there is anything you can't find or need support with, contact

We hope your curacy is a rewarding, challenging, stimulating experience.