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Some basic support regarding copyright for churches

Copyright law is important. It affects all aspects of church life from our worship services to our magazines and websites. Anyone involved in church must be aware and follow the law regarding copyright.

The main legislation in this area is the Copyright, Design and Patents Act 1988

Like most acts of Parliament this law can seem confusing and offputting. A basic rule of thumb to protect you from legal action is to make sure you always have permission to use the song, writing, image or piece of creative work you wish to use. If you are not sure you can use it legally then don't.

So make sure you have an up-to-date licence for using hymns, music or film clips in church. Don't use images simply taken from a web search in your material or on your website. Make sure you have permission.

If you are not sure, seek advice. The best source for churches is Christian Copyright Licensing International.

Take the Church Copyright Healthcheck
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