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"Communications" describes the ways we can share key messages and information about the important work we do in our parishes and communities. This information may be shared within the parish, locally or even nationally and worldwide.

Communications can involve sending press releases out to local newspapers, producing parish newsletters, leaflets, posters, email bulletins, websites and blogs.

It also includes public consultations, meetings and events and can involve the use of social media such as Facebook and Twitter.

Communications are engrained in the everyday operations of a parish – that’s why it is important to think about how we communicate. Are the right people getting the relevant messages? Do people know what your church offers? Excellent communications are part of our mission.

The following pages have been designed to help you develop your own parish communications. They also offer advice about what to do when the press comes to you.

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Communicate well

Useful contacts

If you have any queries about communications or the material on this area of the website, please contact: 

Stuart Haynes
Director of Communications
0151 705 2150
0753 421 8122

Jude Knight
Communications Manager
0151 702 7230

Sarah Doyle
Communications Officer
0151 705 2131

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