The Next Step: Commissioning

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Commissioning, the Agreed Statement and the Annual Review

When the initial training is completed the Team wil be commissioned by the Archdeacon on behalf of the Bishop at a public service of worship. The commissioning is for a five year period during which the Shared Ministry team will exercise their ministry under the authority of and accountable to the PCC and through them to the wider congregation. An order of service with words of commissioning is available as a download from this page.

A key part of the Commissioning service is formed by the Agreed Statement, a foundational document which every Team will prepare towards the end of their training period. The Agreed Statement is a considered and prayerful summary of the ministry tasks  which the Team feel they can address during their period of commissioning, tasks which are, of course, discussed and agreed with the PCC. The Agreed Statement also includes some core commitments which govern the life of the Team: how often it will meet, the part that prayer and worship will play in the life of the Team, how it will review and evaluate its work and so on. It forms the basis for the Commissioning of the Team and its accountabililty to the local church.   

As noted, the Commissioning is for five years and within this period each year the team undertakes to conduct an Annual Review. The Review is an opportunity each year for team members to reflect upon their shared life and performance as a team, upon their ministry and the tasks to which they committed themselves and finally to look to, plan and agree with the PCC the ministry tasks of the team for the coming year.