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Offering support so our clergy and their families have a safe, comfortable home and a useful base for their ministry

If you need support with any aspect of your clergy home - repairs, improvements, security – contact Clergy Housing.
Housing of Incumbents and Curates
Clergy houses are the property of the Diocesan Board of Finance and therefore the responsibility of the Diocesan Clergy Housing Committee. Apart from in specific areas, curates’ housing is the responsibility of the parish.

Your clergy house, you and us
Your clergy house has two functions. First and foremost it is a home for you and your family. But it is also where you do much of your study and preparation for worship and preaching as well as holding the occasional meeting and maybe some parish administration.

It is the responsibility of the Clergy Housing Committee to make sure that your clergy house is appropriately maintained and, when necessary, repaired as required under the Repair of Benefice Building Measure 1972, while still giving you a chance to make it your ‘own’.

It is your responsibility, helped by your PCC/DCC, to contribute to this maintenance by taking proper care of your home.

The Clergy Housing booklet aims to help you (or the Sequestrators during a vacancy) and us in meeting these shared responsibilities.
We are always looking to improve the services that we provide and welcome any suggestions for how we can do this.

They also support clergy house moves and the sale or purchase of land and properties.

Parishes with empty properties can also benefit from their advice with security and guardianship. 
Who's Who
If you have a general enquiry or need help and support then you can contact the team on

Claire Evans
Clergy Housing Support Officer
0151 705 2129

St James House Staff


Quinquennial Inspection Paper 2016

Clergy Housing Procedures and Policies Booklet 2016 
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