Church of England Calling?

If you are a vicar, curate, youth or children's leader, churchwarden, or an LML or Reader - when did you last talk to someone about how God might be calling them? Not too recently, then Vocation Sunday on 22nd April is a great chance to get vocations into the conversation.

This opportunity, to help people find out and listen to God’s call on their lives, will deepen their discipleship, develop their unique gifts and reveal to some a call to ministry. Nurturing this call is vital if we want to sustain our church in the future.

If you’re looking for ready-to-use ideas and resources for Vocation Sunday, visit the Church of England's Support Hub .You'll find plenty of inspiration including:


Our vocations team run a number of LifeCall events throughout the year to help people in our Diocese to find their calling. On 8th May, join our team, who are organising ‘LifeCall – the start of your journey to ordained ministry’.

So if you think God might want you to be an ordained minister this LifeCall event will help you to find out if this is your calling. If you know anyone in your congregation who would be interested please let them know or invite them along.

You can book your place by clicking this link.

Simon Chesters, Director of Vocations, told us

“You might have always thought God couldn’t ever call someone like you to be ordained. In the Bible, God calls all kinds of people you wouldn’t expect into leadership and service. If you have ever thought that God might be calling you on into a deeper form of service, come along to find out if this might be where he’s calling you.”

LifeCall’s not just about being ordained. Our vocations team are here to help you along your journey wherever God’s call takes you whether it's ordained or lay ministry. You can find more information on our LifeCall pages of the website.

Questions about vocations?

If you or anyone you know who wants to find out about ordained or licensed lay ministry eg Reader, you can contact our vocations team.

Debbie Ellison, Vocations Officer
E: debbie.ellison@liverpool.anglican.org
T: 0151 705 2145

Simon Chesters, Director of Vocations
E: simon.chesters@liverpool.anglican.org
T: 0151 705 2185