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Supporting lifelong learning for clergy

Stimulate and enable the whole Church
'At its heart CPD is about equipping and developing Clergy and Readers in order that they may stimulate and enable the whole Church to participate more fully in the mission of God in the world.(Church of England CME web page)

The Diocese of Liverpool places high importance on our Clergy and Readers continually reflecting and learning throughout their ministry. We recognise that Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is one of the places in which theological reflection may be encouraged, and where reflection can lead to new shared insights and practice.

The purpose of CPD is to strengthen and deepen a lifelong learning culture amongst cergy and readers that will contribute to and be evidenced by spiritual and numerical growth.

CPD encompasses any activity that helps the individual to develop their ministry and to better equip them to meet the demands and requirements for the exercise of their ministry. As such, it may be undertaken individually, in small groups such as action learning sets, via personal mentoring / coaching or by attending workshops, lecturers and conferences.

CPD is a shared responsibility, and all clergy are encouraged to plan their own continuing professional development and formation. Guidance from The Archbishops’ Council states that stipendiary clergy should engage with the equivalent of 5 days of continuing development activity a year. In addition, clergy should spend five days annually on retreat. NSM and OLM clergy are encouraged to plan CPD that meets their circumstances.

The links on this page show the CPD opportunities currently organised by Lifelong Learning. As new events are organised they will be added to the page and the weekly Bulletin.

Please have a look and see if any of these would be of help to you. To book onto any of these contact 

If you have any ideas for future events, or would like to discuss your ongoing CPD needs, please contact