Bring the Bible Alive in 2014

Bishop Richard is challenging our diocese to bring the Bible Alive in 2014.

With scripture being a foundational part of our faith, it is important that we all engage with it. Bible Alive is not a course. You don’t have to go through any hoops you just need to take part and tell us about it. Here Bishop Richard explains why he has set the challenge.

"As Christians we are all very quick to say how important the Bible is. The greatest story ever told, best instruction book, the foundation for our lives – all phrases which trip off the tongue as we consider the importance of scripture. But if we are truly honest with ourselves our relationship with the bible isn’t always one of good pure devotional reading.

On one level we shouldn’t be too hard on ourselves. But if we are to hold to the notion that scripture is one of the foundational and formational aspects of our Christian life and discipleship then we need to take this extremely seriously. But we need to do it in a positive way. The bible is not a dull book. It is a God filled, spirit inspired book with marvellous stories and a richness and depth that rewards reading again and again. Often churches and church life can deaden our passion for scripture and make it seem dull. But I want 2014 to be a year that this changes in our diocese.

In 2014 I want you to bring the Bible Alive in your home, your community, your parish, your school and above all your heart. I am not worried how you do it. Every church and everyone has a different way. I just want you to do it. Bring the Bible Alive.

It may be by starting or joining a house group. It may be through buying some reading notes. You could read a different translation. Discuss your favourite or inspiring verses or passages. Read the bible in different and dare I say unusual places around your church, school and community. Let your imagination run wild, do what works for you but do something and tell the world you are bringing the Bible Alive.

Our diocese and cathedral have a number of ways to support you.

On our special website, which we will launch next week, has  ideas and resources you can use. And I hope you will share your ideas there as well. You will be able to join in on Facebook, Twitter and through our YouTube site. You can download the logo and posters to show your community what you are doing. You can be part of it, shape it, develop it how you wish.

And if you do nothing else then you can come to some of the special events we have planned for Bible Alive in 2014. These include

•   “Open the Box” How to bring the Bible Alive in Church and in School – February 1st at Liverpool Cathedral
•   The Dean of Liverpool’s Lent Lectures will support Bible Alive.
•   In Another Place production  “The Greatest Story Ever Told” in St Georges Hall in February
•   A diocesan wide continuous Bible Readathon  - reading the Bible from cover to cover to coincide with Bible Sunday 2014.

We will have many more exciting announcements of ways you can take part in Bible Alive 2014 I am excited about this. I want everyone to engage, and encourage others to engage with the rich treasures that the Bible contains. So come on. Join in. And help bring the Bible Alive in 2014.