Bring One Friend Challenge for young people

Bishop Paul wrote this week encouraging Sunday school and youth groups to take on the Bring One Friend challenge.

Bishop Paul wrote thanking the young person’s leaders for all the work they do in supporting young people on their journey of faith as we all work to make a bigger difference. 

Bishop Paul said "Hopefully you know that as bishop I want to encourage all in our diocese to follow a rule of life – to be called to Pray, Read and Learn so that we grow in faith; to be sent to Tell, Serve and Give so that others may understand the big difference knowing Jesus brings to us. This rule has been promoted to adults with a series of challenges. But I am keen our young people are  involved so all in our worshipping communities may grow together.
So I was glad that when our diocese was reading Jonah together our young people were being offered the same challenge. And now, as I encourage people to Bring One Friend to church, I am glad that colleagues at St James House are producing resources that will make this accessible for young people.

These will be based around the parable of the Lost Sheep – a story I am sure is familiar to you and one that can offer plenty of inspiration to our children & young people folk. They will be available over the next week or two on and will give you the opportunity to talk to the young people in your church about inviting them to a service or event over advent or Christmas.

Bring One Friend, the Rule of Life, is not just for adults. It’s for the whole church as together we work towards our goal of being a bigger church making a bigger difference I hope you and your group take part."