Bishop Bev's Easter message for parish magazines 2019

Go and tell the news this Easter

How we react to events is important. Today when something happens the reaction is almost instant. Messages flash around the world. Comments and opinions are formed and promoted extremely quickly, Debates are held and the meaning of what has happened is digested. In fact many times it feels the reaction is more important than the event.

The reaction to the news that Jesus was no longer in the tomb can be instructional for us all. As ever with the scriptures there are varied accounts, But there are some clear reactions.
One reaction, the understandable reaction of fear, led the first witnesses to want to avoid telling anyone what they saw “as they were afraid”. Other reactions show the early witnesses running to tell the others what had happened. You see Mary offering worship to the gardener Jesus, you see the reaction of Thomas who understandably wishes to see more evidence before he can reach a conclusion on the death and resurrection of Jesus. We get the sense of a growing understanding that there has been a world changing event and that others need to know about it.

Throughout the narrative God seems to speaking to the witnesses saying go and tell. In Mark’s telling of the story a young man was explicitly giving that very message.
At the beginning of Lent we were encouraged to go, tell. To Tell the communities we are called to in our diocese how Jesus has changed our lives. To Serve them with Christ’s love in whatever way we can. To Give them our time to show them a glimpse of God’s love. That’s one half of our Rule of Life. The first half is to do with our discipleship journey whereby we are called to Pray, Read, Learn, giving us the spiritual confidence to be able to tell our stories and make Christ known. Our mission to Tell, Serve, Give saw many events in every corner of our diocese enabling us to talk to thousands about our faith.

But it doesn’t stop there. This Easter we are given the climax of the greatest story ever told. The story that changed our lives as it has changed the shape of the world. Now can we use this story, and our own story to keep going to tell people about how Jesus loves us, them and the whole world. That’s our challenge. Who will you go and tell the Easter story to?

With my prayers and blessings to you all this Easter Time

Bishop Beverley
Bishop of Warrington

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