Battle of Atlantic Service

Bishop James delivered the address at the Battle of the Atlantic Service at LIverpool Cathedral

Bishop James delivered the address to thr 70th Anniversary service commemorating the Battle of the Atlantic.

In the address he described the conditions faced by those involved and the fear of certain death felt by those in the Merchant Navy and Royal Navy as they sailed the Atlantic in convoys under the constant threat of attack.

The Bishop said "These are the realities of the cause of freedom, this is the true cost of the Battle of the Atlantic. The ocean became a harbour for their souls so that, denied it themselves, “human dignity and kindness shall not perish from the earth”.

Bishop James talked about the human spirit which is a streak of freedom coming from God which cannot be contained, ignored or suppressed. "Oppressors can intimidate and tyrannise, can oppress and suppress but in the end the Spirit cannot be bound in chains and will fight to be free. That’s what we commemorate here today in this Cathedral whose Chapter House became the Chapel for the Atlantic Convoy. We own the sacrifice of those that “went down to the sea in ships”, who went “down again to the deep” and were “carried up to the heavens”.