Annual Examination

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The annual Independent Examiner's report

Each year the Annual Meeting must appoint and Independent Examiner, someone independent of the Trustees of the church, that is of the PCC members and their families, to examine the annual accounts and offer an opinion on those accounts. Sometimes this is referred to as an "audit" but this is usually not the right word. Only churches with an income in excess of £1,000,000 are required to have a formal audit of their accounts.

Independent Examination is a less intensive form of financial examination allowed to charities whose annual income is below £1,000,000.  If a PCC's total income is between £250,000 and £1,000,000 then their Independent Examiner must hold the specific qualifications/registrations defined within the Charities Act.

Guidance for PCCs in regard to Independent Examination and the selection of an Independent Examiner can be found on the Church of England's Website.

It is legal requirement that the formal Independent Examiner's report references the correct legislation. A model template with the correct wording can be found in the Download box as a Word document.