Advent Sermons

Senior clergy are writing and recording a weekly series of sermons for Advent.

Bishop Paul said:
This is an exhausting time for all of us in church life. As we enter Advent and Christmastime - usually the busiest part of the year for many of our ministers - we simply do not know how things will look, as we await further Government guidance for December. With this tiredness and uncertainty in mind the bishops, Archdeacons and Dean Sue will be providing a series of Sunday sermons, based on the Gospel reading for the relevant day, from mid-December through to the second Sunday after Christmas, as well as for Christmas midnight and Christmas morning. 
This follows on from the Summer series we provided and has the same aim - to give hard-pressed preachers the opportunity, if they wish, to use this material if and when it helps. Each sermon will be available a month before its due date, and will be available in video, audio and written form. This project comes to parishes, fresh expressions and chaplaincies with our prayers and love. We hope and pray that it will be helpful!
Advent 3 - 13th December 2020
Advent 4 - 20th December 2020
Christmas Eve Midnight Sermon - 24th December 2020
Christmas Day Sermon - 25th December 2020
Christmas 1 - 27th December 2020
Epiphany Sunday - January 3rd 2021