A triangle of hope has formed from despair, slavery and exploitation

Rev Canon Malcolm Rogers, Bishop of Liverpool's Canon for Reconciliation has spent two years bringing an initiative – the Triangle of Hope to fruition. An international advocacy project, Triangle of Hope brings together three dioceses -Virginia (USA), Liverpool and Kumasi (Ghana), involved in the slave trade. The project is committed to learning from the past and combatting modern-day slavery and human trafficking. 

Last year bishops from those Dioceses- Bishop Daniel Yinka Sarfo, Bishop Shannon S Johnston and Bishop Paul, issued a joint statement which remembered and acknowledged with sorrow that human beings were captured and enslaved for financial gain with no regard for their dignity and humanity. You can read this statement here:

As the project gathers momentum, Malcolm is organising an informal supper on 11th May at Liverpool Cathedral to talk about how and why the Triangle of Hope was established and its future aims. He told us:

“From what was historically a triangle of despair, slavery and exploitation, working closely with our colleagues from the other two Dioceses, we are building a ‘Triangle of Hope’. We are not seeking to eradicate the past, but use what has happened to try and ensure history does not repeat itself.

“As we’re committed to combatting modern-day slavery and human trafficking, we’ve also established links with the Clewer Initiative.

“We’ve now established a framework for the project and our informal supper is a great opportunity for people to learn more about how they can get involved.”

“If you’re interested in hearing about the ‘Triangle of Hope’ please do join us on 11th May for an informal supper.”