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The Diocese of Liverpool is an exciting, challenging and stimulating place to be. We serve a wide mix of communities in urban, rural and town parishes. We are innovative, seeking new ways to further God’s mission while respecting cherished traditions.

Our 250 churches are spread across a region that is both rural and urban, stretching from Southport in the North to Widnes in the South, from Liverpool in the West across to Wigan in the East, serving a population of 1.53 million in an area of 389 sq miles.

The Diocese of Liverpool wants to be a bigger church to make a bigger difference.

We can become a bigger church through multiplying congregations; through create new, fresh expressions of church; through working out in our context what it means to be Disciples of Christ.

Being a bigger church is not enough. We want to make a bigger difference through our social action; through our relationships with the wider community; through being a meaningful presence in people lives. We want to encourage those who are hearing God’s call on their lives to explore their vocation.
We do this because we want to better serve Christ and enable others to know him.

Our bishops and clergy share this vision and want to see it worked out locally through strong devolved Deanery mission planning. We support those who want to make a difference in the service of Christ.. 

to achieve this we want to see:

Healthy churches at the heart of healthy communities
Excellent church schools promoting Christian education
Christian disciples growing in faith, hope and number
Outstanding Christian leaders for today and tomorrow
Vibrant and inclusive mixed economy churches in and from all traditions


Our Diocesan Prayer
As we pursue our vision of a bigger church making a bigger difference more people knowing Jesus more justice in the world we have introduced a diocesan prayer. Please pray it and share it in churches across our diocese as we offer our sustained prayer to Jesus.

Loving Father,
by your 
grace we long to see
more people knowing Jesus,
and more justice in your world.
Help us to live as your disciples in the power of the Spirit
and to work to your praise and glory.

We have
2 Bishops – the Bishop of Liverpool and the Bishop of Warrington

c. 250 parishes -
 find your local parish here
c. 275 clergy
c. 275 readers
c. 100 retired clergy active in ministry
c. 50,000 church members
c. 120 church schools
c. 30,000 children attending church schools

1 cathedral

1 administrative centre – St James House

The Diocese of Liverpool is one of the 44 Dioceses that make up the Church of England. The Diocese is in the Province of York - overseen by the Archbishop of York.

What We Do

Complaints Advice

We expect our clergy to maintain high standards of behaviour but we know on occasion this may not happen. We hope that most problems can be resolved informally.

However formal complaints can be made by using the Clergy Discipline Measure 2003. Our leaflet provides general guidance to using that process

Making a formal complaint