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The annual Statistics and Finance returns completed by each and every parish throughout the Church of England are an important documents.

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The number of pastoral services gives an indication of the parish's footprint within their local community.  Attendance figures collected and summarised over many years allow each parish to have an insight into whether they are growing, or not, and can also be used to monitor emerging mission opportunities.

Statistics for Mission returns should be completed by the end of January each year.

Further Advice and Guidance

The information collected and reported each year may highlight additional questions or issues for your parish.  Further advice, help and guidance around the issues of mission, attendance and church finances is available from the diocesan teams based at St James' House.  Initial requests for assistance can be made to the Resources Team by email or by telephone.

t: 0151 705 2180

Completed 2015 Statistics for Mission forms should be returned to the Resources Team at St James' House, by the Friday 29th January 2016.  Two versions of the form are provided here.  The first is a PDF version that may be printed and completed by hand, the second is a Word version that may be printed or returned by email. You may use either form, or alternatively the online data entry system. (See right hand panel)

Statistics for Mission (PDF)
Statistics for Mission (Word)

NB: Diocese of Liverpool specific forms may contain a few additional questions to those listed within the national Church of England online system.  In such cases your Statistics Administrator will be contacted separately and asked to supply this supplementary information.

Return of Parish Finance

Along side the reported attendance information, a parish's finances gives an additional window into the parish's health and wellbeing.  The information collected through the Return of Parish Finance forms allows deanery, diocesan and demographic summaries to be generated.  These summaries provide useful benchmarks against which each parish can measure themselves.

Return of Parish Finance information should be entered by the end of May each year.

Click here to download the Return of Parish Finance form.
Accompanying Notes


Parish Return System

To access the online Parish Return system, please follow the link provided below.

Parish Return system

Parish Return System

User Guide

Each parish must first nominate one person to be their parish Statistics Administrator.

The Statistics Administrator's name and contact details must be supplied to
Gordon Fath at St James' House, preferably via email.

The Statistics Administrator will be provided with an access code for their parish, in order to create their own user account.

The Statistics Administrator creates and manages any additional user accounts for those people within their parish who will be entering information into the online system.

All parish Statistics Administrators should carefully read the User Guide document before creating any additional user accounts, or entering any information.

User Guide (PDF)