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Your parish's annual Statistics and Finance returns are important documents.

Forms for 2017

This page gives you information on how to complete the annual Statistics for Mission form.

These figures are important. They are important to you as they give you an idea of the state of health in your church. They are important to our diocese and bishop as we seek to work out how well we are doing as we seek a bigger church to make a bigger difference. They are important to the national church to give a big picture of how the nation relates to church-going.

Your deadline for submitting the 2017 Statistic for Mission form is 31st January 2018. 
We thank you for your time and diligence in submitting the return.

Making it easier to complete your form

We encourage you to submit your statistics online. It saves you time and money.  You can do this via . (Please DO NOT use the download form from the CofE page, please use the form in the purple box on the right as our diocese collects additional information).

If you used this last year you should be able to login with your existing username and password; you can also use your Online Service Register app username and password. If you need a username or password or have forgotten yours then contact
The online returns site at  also contains tools to help you explore how your attendance and income/expenditure have shifted over the last few years. 
You may wish to access the return via the new Church of England portal site at . If you haven’t already you can register on this site by clicking “register for an account”. You will then be able to link the parish returns site to your portal area. You don’t have to do this but it will make things simpler for the future and it will enable you to access other useful resources such as our diocesan online directory.
Thank you for your time in completing this really important information. Your data is invaluable to the Church of England and Diocese of Liverpool. If you have any questions then email

You can also complete your Statistics for Mission return by using these forms

  1. Statistics for Mission (Word): Please fill in this form electronically and return it to
  2. Statistics for Mission (PDF): Please print this form, complete it by hand and post it to the Resources Team at St James' House.
Please note: Our diocese Statistics for Mission forms may contain some extra questions not included in the national Church of England online system.  If this applies to your parish, we will contact your Statistics Administrator to ask for this additional information.
Return of Parish Finance
Alongside your parish's attendance information, your financial return gives another window into your parish's health.  The information you collect on the Return of Parish Finance forms helps us to produce deanery, diocesan and demographic summaries, which give useful benchmarks  which you and your PCC can use to assess your parish's wellbeing.

Please submit your Return of Parish Finance form by the end of May each year.

Click here to download:
Further advice and guidance
The information you collect and report each year may highlight additional questions or issues for your parish. If you need help with the issues of mission, attendance and church finance, please contact the Resources Team at St James' House:
t: 0151 705 2180

Making it easier

Effective records

Completing your return – what you need to know.

  1. The best way to submit data is at
  2. If you need a username and password contact
  3. You need to collect attendance figures for October 1st; 8th; 15th and 22nd, as well as for Easter, Advent and Christmas.
  4. You can start submitting your figures now.
  5. We recommend you set up an account at htttps://

Stats for Mission forms to download