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Your parish's annual Statistics and Finance returns are important documents.

Forms for 2016
Please return your completed 2016 Statistics for Mission forms by 31st January 2017. 

You can complete your Statistics for Mission return in one of three ways:
  1. Statistics for Mission (PDF): Please print this form, complete it by hand and post it to the Resources Team at St James' House.
  2. Statistics for Mission (Word): Please fill in this form electronically and return it to
  3. Parish Return system Click on the link to access the online Parish Return system,
Please note: Our diocese Statistics for Mission forms may contain some extra questions not included in the national Church of England online system.  If this applies to your parish, we will contact your Statistics Administrator to ask for this additional information.
Your guide to the Parish Return System
  1. Your parish needs to nominate one person to be your Statistics Administrator.
  2. Please email the Resources Team at St James' House with your Statistics Administrator's name and contact details.
  3. We will provide the Statistics Administrator with an access code for your parish, to create their own user account.
  4. The Statistics Administrator creates and manages additional user accounts for any other people within your parish who will enter information into the online system.
  5. Your parish Statistics Administrators must carefully read our User Guide before entering any information or creating additional user accounts.
Return of Parish Finance
Alongside your parish's attendance information, your financial return gives another window into your parish's health.  The information you collect on the Return of Parish Finance forms helps us to produce deanery, diocesan and demographic summaries, which give useful benchmarks  which you and your PCC can use to assess your parish's wellbeing.

Please submit your Return of Parish Finance form by the end of May each year.

Click here to download:
Further advice and guidance
The information you collect and report each year may highlight additional questions or issues for your parish. If you need help with the issues of mission, attendance and church finance, please contact the Resources Team at St James' House:
t: 0151 705 2180