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We make better decisions if they are based on sound statistical data

We are committed to providing reliable information to help support good decision making.

When you send us the information about your church, we will use this to produce: We produce these on an annual basis to give a realistic appraisal of the health of a parish. We also use this information to support the Deanery and Diocesan mission planning.

To help you assess the health of your church, the information we provide you is only as good as the data you supply us. It is essential you provide accurate figures to us regularly. You provide us with the following:
  • Service-by-service attendance statistics
  • Annual statistics for mission
  • Annual return of parish finance. 

You can provide the data to us in the following ways:
  • Service Register App
  • Online (via Church of England Portal)
  • Download editable documents
  • Print documents and fill in by hand.
You can find more information about providing your data in the links in within this section

We encourage every PCC to take this information seriously and discuss what action they need to take in response to the information they have been provided.