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Maintaining our church buildings through a regular programme of inspection

What is a quinquennial inspection?

A quinquennial is a five yearly report on the state of the church building. It is one of the most important tools for the local church in maintaining the building's fabric. The report usually includes a list of recommended works in order of urgency, each of which requires a detailed specification and schedule of works before they can be undertaken.

Each specification is then submitted to the DAC for advice before a petition for a faculty can be made to the Chancellor. For a step by step guide to the Quinquennial Inspection Process please click here.

Each incumbent is sent a Query List before the Inspection date is arranged. The QQI Architect asks that each item on the Query List is available on the day of the inspection to enable the report to be conducted thoroughly and to the Diocesan Guidelines.

A Quinquennial Architect

The key to good care of your church building is having a sound working relationship with your architect or surveyor. Your architect should be regarded as the Church's GP. Although an inspecting architect or surveyor is only appointed for the purpose of Quinquennial Inspection, there is a great deal to be said for keeping the same person, each time and year after year. It makes for:
  • better planning and programming of work
  • an established professional relationship which is both helpful and creative
  • the architect knowing about the church, its history, construction and most importantly, its problems.
The DAC strongly recommends that the inspecting architect and author of the QQI Report should be the same person who administers and directs any subsequent repairs.
A Quinquennial Inspection of your buildings should be carried out every five years by your Quinquennial Architect. Following the inspection a copy of the report is sent to the Parish by the DAC. Its content and recommendations should be discussed by the PCC and a programme of work agreed to eradicate any problems highlighted.

The Buildings Advisor, Tom Beesley, will contact Parishes following receipt of the report and make arrangements for a site visit to discuss the contents of the report and the recommendations made by the architect. Following that visit the Building Advisors notes will be forwarded to the Parish, the Archdeacons and the DAC.

A self assessment of progress should be made every year throughout the Quinquennial period to highlight any outstanding items.

Parishes should work closely with their Architect, the DAC and the Buildings Adviser to ensure that any recommended repairs have a planned programme in place to carry out the work.


All quinquennial repair work will require a faculty.  Please see the link to the DAC pages for faculty advice and downloads.


Contact Details

For help and advice contact:
Tom Beesley
Resources Buildings Advisor
0151 705 2180 (Tuesdays only)
Mobile 07836 242 986