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Everyone wants to get their message across. To shout their achievements and successes. Attract new people. Win hearts and minds. So why should your church be any different?

Make your church stand out

However you practice mission and ministry in your church, you need to be thinking about how you communicate your vision. Congregations need to catch your vision. Your local community needs be excited about what you are doing. Your church wants to be a place that attracts people who are seeking God and want to know what Christianity is all about. Your church needs to stand out.

Plan your communications

It's about more than producing a poster, website or talking to the local media. It's about thought. It's about what do you want to say and who do you want to reach. If you are wanting to attract teenagers you communicate in a different way than you would to older people. Seems obvious. But it is something we forget. And when we don't have vast budgets the more thought we put into our communications the better result we get.

What to think about

There is much to think about. Here are some thoughts
  • Does your church have a communications strategy and priorities for communication?
  • Does your church use the right tools to promote itself? What does your leaflets, posters, the noticeboard say about you?
  • How well does your church magazine work for you?
  • Image is important. Do you make the best use of photography? Do you have logos or other visual aids?
  • Do you make modern technology work for you? Have you a website? How do you use email? Do you text, join social network sites or use audio visual techniques?
  • Do you run to and engage with the press and media? Or do you want to run and hide from them?
You will be stronger in some areas and may need to improve with others. We can help. These pages will offer some guidance and if it doesn't answer your question. Well you can always get in contact
Get you church noticed - we reccomend this site to help you start to think about getting your church noticed.

Visit the Church of England media centre to find out current news and get more help and advice


Within this Section

In a Crisis?

Nobody knows when something bad will happen but we do know that when it does you can be thrown into the thick of the media spotlight. We are available twenty-four hours a day to provide a comprehensive support service that shields you from the media glare.

For help in a crisis call us on

0151 705 2150 or 
0753 421 8122

What to do if a journalist contacts you:

We have produced a helpful sheet with notes on what to say and do if you are called by a journalist. Download your copy here.

Help and support

If you need any help or support with your communication plans then contact

Stuart Haynes
Director of Communications
0151 705 2150/07925711007

Jude Knight
Communications Manager
0151 702 7230

Sarah Doyle
Communications Officer
0151 705 2131