Over 150 women attend Calling All Wonder Women event

The ‘Calling All Wonder Women’ event was part of Liverpool Diocese’s LifeCall Vocations brand, designed to help everyone find their own unique calling.

This free event was open to all women across the diocese with the purpose of encouraging them to hear and respond to God's call in their lives - wherever they are and whatever their background.
Over 150 women responded to this invitation by gathering last Saturday for an opportunity to meet other women from across our Diocese and to explore how to use “everyday” skills or uncover new skills to serve God.

Guest speaker Rev Dr Kate Coleman, Director of Next Leadership and author of 'The Seven Deadly Sins of Women in Leadership', gave an inspiring presentation, empowering those attending to step forward to discover and embrace God's amazing plans for their lives. Kate inspired the women gathered to be people who contribute, are visionary and courageous; who connect with others and encounter God.

Revd Sonya Doragh who attended the event said “This was one of the best events I think the Diocese has put on. It was so encouraging seeing so many women spiritually hungry and getting fed.”
Sonya continues “As women, we get so busy that we sometimes forget to make time and space to encounter God. As a direct result of this event, a young woman who also attended from my church and I will be setting up a new Sunday evening worship session called ‘Encounter’ at our church - Christ Church, Eccleston. She has a beautiful gift of being able to play the guitar and sing so we have been inspired to use this to create a worship space to encounter God.

Kate gave us all the time to process the information we were given by discussion in small groups before the close. All the ladies I spoke to left with a clear sense of action and purpose of what they were going to do next.”

Suzanne Matthews, Learning Manager at the Diocese of Liverpool said: “It was a brilliant event and wonderful to see a much larger, younger and more diverse group than we’ve ever gathered before. This event has helped women to identify where God is giving us opportunities in our everyday lives and how we can embrace that and let Him turn it into something extraordinary. We are all wonder women!

We'd love to hear from more people about how Kate has inspired you to contribute, envision, be courageous, make connections and create encounters with God. We are committed to supporting and equipping women to continue to explore these ideas. If you have suggestions for how we can help or would like to know more about LifeCall and our Directions course please contact us." 

Suzanne can be contacted at suzanne.matthews@liverpool.anglican.org

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