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Open the Box aims to lift the lid on Children's resrouces and to support churches and individuals with a heart for children’s work to explore the following:

  • All Age Worship
  • Children & Holy Communion
  • Creating Children's Areas in Church
  • Godly Play
  • Worship & Liturgy
  • Creating Liturgy boxes and sensory baskets for use in church
  • CFCA (Child Friendly Church Award)
  • Back to Church Sunday
  • Stories in a Box
  • Toddlers Groups (Tips and resources for working with under 5s)
  • Training Children’s Leaders

If you would like to know more about any of these topics - please email our Childrens & Families Missioner - Sue Mitchell at : 
Feedback from one our recent Open the Box sessions:
Well, we’ve started! Wigan Parish Church now has a Bible Story Time for 8 to 13  year olds every Wednesday during term time 4pm till 5pm.  Not wanting to be Sunday School teachers a small group of us got together to look at the different ways in which we might begin to address the lack of options we have for the children of our church and parish.  With encouragement from our open minded Rector, a new, enthusiastic Curate and a remit from our PCC to explore options, we attended a number of different workshops run by the Diocese led by Sue Mitchell.  The amount of information and ideas we picked up from workshops has been amazing and most of it for free!  The biggest thing we came away with was, do something, get on with it, make it happen. So, we have, with 4 children at our first 2 sessions, 5 at our 3rd - and if we keep that up we will be at our goal of 25 children before we know it.  We would encourage any small group of keen and motivated people who don’t have a separate, dedicated space,  have limited resources, lack of experience, stretched for time, lack confidence but the will to find a way, to just do it! Start with Sue Mitchell, see what the diocese has to offer but set a date and make something happen for your children. There is a lot of support out there and experience to tap into. Go on, do something, you know you want to . . . . . . . . .  by Ann Fairhurst