New Year’s Honours awarded to two people in our Diocese

Congratulations to two exceptional people in our Diocese who were awarded British Empire Medals (BEM) in 2018's New Years Honours.

Nadine Daniel was awarded for her services to Interfaith and Community Relations in Merseyside and Geoffrey Williams for his services to the community in Merseyside.

Nadine said “I’m totally overwhelmed to receive it, especially after I had read the list and saw the work other people were being honoured for.  Keeping quiet about it for six weeks was surprisingly easy, as I actually felt rather embarrassed and unsure how to tell people, so I was relieved that there was an embargo in force.  I eventually told Bishop Paul, as I knew he was about to start his sabbatical, and was very touched by his enthusiastic response. 

When the news broke, I was delighted to learn that Geoff Williams of St Anne’s Stanley had also received the BEM, as I have known him since he was a chorister in the Cathedral.  I was also very touched that Archbishop Justin tweeted his congratulations (I hadn’t told him).  People have been very generous in their comments and congratulations, but I know I could not have achieved what I have, without the outstanding support of all the volunteers at Hope+, so I see my honour as honouring their work too.”
Geoffrey said “I'm absolutely delighted and humbled by the award for something I've enjoyed doing so much over the last 32 years at St. Anne's. I'd like to dedicate it to the many people who have supported all the music making in St. Anne's, past and present, which continues to give us all such pleasure.”