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What is Messy Church?

  • It is an all-age church where everyone is valued equally.
  • It provides an informal environment for all-ages to explore and experience faith and worship through crafts, food and celebration.
  • It describes each and every one of us as no one is perfect and each of us lead messy lives for many reasons.
  • It invites us to come together, making things together, eating together and celebrating God together. All children must be accompanied by an adult.
Messy Church is NOT just a craft club! Messy Church is NOT just for children! Messy Church is for everyone – young & old alike, adults, children, teenagers, carers, grandparents, come as friends, families or partners, or come on your own, all-comers welcome.

Aims of Messy Church:
  • To provide an opportunity for people of all ages to worship together
  • To help people of all ages feel they belong in church and to each other
  • To help people have fun and be creative together
  • To introduce Jesus through hospitality, friendship, stories and worship
How did Messy Church Begin?

In 2004 in an Anglican church in Portsmouth. They dreamed of a way of being church to appeal to the whole family and so listened to the needs of the local people. They built Messy Church on the current resources of their church and the building.

Lucy Moore, vicar’s wife at St Wilfrid’s, Cowplain and a member of the Barnabas Ministry Team, has shared her messy story with us in Messy Church and Messy Church 2 – BRF publications

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Over 1000 churches are now registered with Messy Church nationwide & internationally. Publications are currently being translated for other countries.

Messy Church is endorsed by Fresh Expressions.

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Regional Co-ordinators support Lucy Moore and BRF.

Jane Leadbetter is the Liverpool Area Messy Church Co-ordinator.

Please contact Jane for any information. Jane runs L19: Messy Church in South Liverpool.

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