Liverpool Virginia Youth Pilgrimage in full swing

Twenty-eight pilgrims from the Dioceses of Liverpool and Virginia gathered last week for eight days of mission, worship, theological reflection, community service and lots of fun!

The pilgrimage runs for two years and is focused on the Triangle of Hope. Pilgrims learn about our historic slave trading links and how they can be open to Gods equipping a leading in today's world, challenging the many contemporary forms of slavery which exist today.

There have already been many high points, not least a trip to the top of the cathedral and a trip to London to share the Eucharist with Archbishop Justin. 

On 4th August the Liverpool group will join their friends in Virginia for a similar week in our link diocese. Please pray for them and if you are one of the 60+ volunteers who have supported this life changing week, we simply cannot find the words to express our sincere gratitude and thanks.

Canon Malcolm Rogers, Canon for Reconciliation and Pilgrimage Lead (UK) , Rev Rock Higgins, Pilgrimage Lead (USA)