Lifecall - is this the start of your journey to ordained ministry?

Have you ever wondered if God might want you to be an ordained minister? Our Lifecall event on 15th March will help you to explore if this is your calling.

Being an ordained minister isn’t just one type of thing – as well as ‘full-time vicars’ there are people, full-time and part-time, serving God in a wide variety of different roles. And there's lot of ways you can train and prepare for ordination. So on 15th March, you are invited to Bishop Paul’s house to find out more.

You’ll hear from people, who’ve come from an array of backgrounds and ended up in different types of ministry. You can find out how the selection process and training works; and how you’ll find God’s guidance for the future.

Lynne Jackson from Skelmersdale was working as a class room assistant when she came to one of our LifeCall events about ordination. She's now training for ordained ministry and based at a church in St Helen's - she says:

"I was encouraged to attend a LifeCall event after chatting to my vicar about working in the church. I really felt God speak to me that night about vocation and the direction of training was very clear. I went to St Mellitus College in Liverpool as I also get to work in a church as part of the training. It's all very exciting and I am extremely happy to be following my calling - busy but very happy!"

God is calling his church to be growing and serving –we need more people serving God as leaders and ministers. Bishop Paul will be talking about what ordination means and how God calls and equips leaders in his church

Simon Chesters, Director of Vocations, added:
“You might have always thought God couldn’t ever call someone like you to be ordained. In the Bible, God calls all kinds of people you wouldn’t expect into leadership and service. If you have ever thought that God might be calling you on into a deeper form of service, come along to find out if this might be where he’s calling you.”

Hear Lynne and others talk about how God called them into ordained ministry and explore if that might be what God is saying to you. Click here to book your place.