Let’s encourage all candidates to sign the Hope Charter for the sake of the vulnerable

Bishop Paul is urging all voters to encourage their local candidates to sign up to the Hope Charter to place social care at the top of the agenda this election.

The Bishop signed the charter at www.thehopecharter.co.uk and is encouraging others to do the same.  “This is important. It is about the future that we want for this country. It’s about whether we want a society that is prepared to care for the vulnerable and prepared to invest in that care.

This is not about party politics. We are clear that all political candidates, from whatever party, should sign up to the charter’s five main principles and find a way to put them into the heart of the next government’s policy. This election gives us a chance to make a bigger difference and to vote for more justice in the world. At the heart of that should be a commitment to the Hope Charter so let’s encourage all candidates to sign the Hope Charter for the sake of the vulnerable”.

The five main principles of the Hope Charter
•         The protection and provision of services to the vulnerable as a key expression of who we are
•         An affirmation of social care as a recognition of human dignity
•         A declaration that regional or economic discrepancy in service provision to the vulnerable is unacceptable
•         A call for a long term approach to funding and taxation placing human dignity above political expediency
•         A call for steps to improve conditions for carers and care workers.

Five steps to spreading the Hope Charter
Share the word in five simple steps
1)    Make sure you sign at www.thehopecharter.co.uk
2)    Tell others you have signed – in church, on social media – sign up to our thunderclap https://www.thunderclap.it/projects/56905-support-the-hope-charter
3)    Encourage others to sign
4)    Encourage your candidates to sign. You can find who’s standing in your constituency here http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/politics/constituencies and download a letter to send them here
5)    Take the Charter to your local hustings and make it an election issue