Getting together to share joys, challenges and expertise of urban estates ministry

Rev Canon Dr Ellen Loudon, Director of Social Justice tell us why she’s instigated an urban estates ministry day on February 15th, 2018

“Much of our diocese ministry takes place in an urban environment and/or on estates. We recognise the unique work that our churches are engaged in as they serve the complex needs of such communities. So, Andy (Delmege, Vicar of St Bede's Brandwood, Urban Estates Mission Enabler, Birmingham and Chair National Estate Churches Network) and I felt that we should get the people engaged in this ministry together to share expertise, speak about the joys and challenges and to celebrate the bigger difference our churches and schools are making.”

What’s your hope for the day?
Well, we will be praying together and sharing stories. I hope that this will enable us to articulate a common purpose and find ways of networking good practice, as well as inspiring each other. My hope this that those who attend will be encouraged and challenged by the day.

What will be happening on the day?
“We will begin by sharing lunch together - informal networking as it were. Andy will then lead us as we reflect on our ministry - he will share some thinking on how the nation urban estates networks are operating and developing and we will discuss how we might as a diocese become involved. I am hoping that what might emerge is a collection of people who will further explore how we as a diocese might develop our own policy and practice group. I suspect that this might take some time to emerge so our primary focus at this time will be listening and praying for each other. Really this is a day of celebration and encouragement.”

Who is this event for?
“This is for anyone who is engaged in any sort of urban and estates ministry - whether you are ordained or not, whether you work or volunteer in church activities, work or live on an estate or urban context in another capacity. Basically, if you care, have a passion, or feel called to the urban estates’ context we would love you to come along to this day.”

And Ellen encourages anyone wanting to know more about urban ministry to get in touch with her.
Rev Canon Dr Ellen Loudon, Director of Social Justice & Canon Chancellor, Diocese of Liverpool
DL: 0151 705 2113
M: 07718 806891

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Urban Estate Ministry Day

Thu 15 February 2018 13:00 – 16:00