"Far too many women don't appreciate how amazing they are..."

We spoke to Rev Dr Kate Coleman, Director of Next Leadership and author of 'The Seven Deadly Sins of Women in Leadership', ahead of our exciting 'Calling All Wonder Women' event on 16th September.

1)   We are very excited about our ‘Calling all Wonder Women’ event in September, why did you decide you wanted to present at our conference?

Primarily because I was invited but I also loved the theme!  In my experience, far too many women don't appreciate how amazing they are... 

2)   Why do you have such a passion for Woman in Leadership?

To quote Marie Wilson.. 'add women change everything'...  I believe this wholeheartedly.  
When women are invited to the board, around the table, into the team it is better for everyone.  As a woman in leadership myself, I know something of the challenges faced by women whatever their front line may be.  I want to play my part in developing, encouraging, inspiring and reminding women that they are part of God's 'plan A'.  

3)   Without giving too much away… what themes will you explore at the conference?  

Women.  Leadership.  Well... you did say.. 'without giving too much away!'

4)   What do you hope that attendees will take away from the conference?

I hope that those attending the conference will leave with greater clarity about who God has called them to be, while feeling affirmed, more confident and inspired about all God may be asking them to do.

5)   Who has inspired you in the past and what is the best piece of advice you have ever been given?

I have been blessed by many women and men who have inspired me over the years, some I know personally and some I've never met.  I may well say more about this at the conference...  

Many years ago one of my very first mentors gave me an invaluable piece of advice, they understood the nature of my calling long before I did and said: Kate be careful, don't go where you are needed.. go where you are really needed...

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Calling all Wonder Women

Sat 16 September 2017
09:30 – 13:00 BST

All Saints Church
Broad Green Road
L13 5SH