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Every parish must follow up to date guidance on safeguarding children

Parish Responsibilities

The Parish has a ‘Duty of Care’ to take steps to fulfil its obligations to ensure that children and young people in its care do not come to harm.

To exercise a ‘Duty of Care’, the parish should adopt both a Policy and Procedures in relation to the protection of children and young people attending activities authorised by the parish. A Policy is a declaration of principle and intent. Procedures give substance to the Policy.

Please click on this link Safeguarding Children Policy and procedures document to download your copy of the current Safeguarding Children Policy and Procedures

Child Protection Co-ordinator
The PCC should appoint a Child Protection Co-ordinator to assist it in fulfilling its ‘Duty of Care’, click here to access role description for child protection co-ordinator

Appointment of Volunteers
The PCC and Incumbent should follow the recruitment process guidelines which are set out in the recruitment section of this web site.
Forms for use during the recruitment process can be downloaded from the recruitment of volunteers/paid workers and DBS section of the website.

Reporting Abuse
The diocese has now produced a flow chart to help you if you need to refer or disclose any incidents of any abuse or if you suspect abuse is taking place.

Click here to download the Child Abuse Referral Flow Chart
This Diocese aims for excellence in child protection
Declaration of Children’s Rights

God has given you the right to be cared for by people you can trust
God gives you the right not to be hurt in your body by grown ups
God has given you the right to have your feelings taken seriously

And so:
  • Never believe someone who tells you a secret you must not tell your parents
  • Never believe someone who tells you that it is your fault that you are being hurt or frightened
  • If a grown up does not take your worries seriously or believe you, you must talk to someone else
  • If you are uncertain about something a grown up tells you to do, talk to a grown up you really trust
For issues relating to the protection of children & young people contact:

Catriona Richardson, Diocesan Children's Safeguarding Adviser, tel 0151 705 2153 or 07887 510946 or e-mail:


Useful Resources

Child Protection and the Church of England

The Church of England has issued guidance on Child Protection Matters. You can read and download their policies on their website 


Catriona Richardson
Child Protection Advisor

07887 510946
0151 705 2153