Bishop Paul's Study Leave

Bishop Paul will take a period of study leave at the turn of the year.

Bishop Paul intends to write a book with the provisional title "The Carpenter's Table", exploring and extending some of the themes first laid out in his inaugural sermon in 2014. Bishop Richard will shoulder Bishop Paul's episcopal responsibilities while he is away.

Bishop Paul said: "It will be good to take the opportunity to think hard and to write. I have had one other period of study leave in my ministry, 15 years ago, and it was formative of my ministry thereafter. These seasons of reflection and intense study are a real opportunity to refocus on Jesus, to reset the compass of ministry and to deepen theological reflection for the years to come. I'm most grateful to Bishop Richard for holding the episcopal focus of the Diocese over those weeks, and as ever we are grateful to Bishops Cyril, Stephen, John, Glyn and Susan for all they do for us in prayer and in providing episcopal ministry to the churches".